Consumers at the Heart of Finance in Europe

opening up cross-border financial markets

Consumers at the Heart of Finance in Europe

supporting sound EU policy making

Consumers at the Heart of Finance in Europe

all stakeholders around one table

Consumers at the Heart of Finance in Europe

consumer focused

Consumers at the Heart of Finance in Europe

consensus building

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2nd ERFF conference

Annual Conference

ERFF hosts an annual conference in Brussels on ‘Consumers at the heart of finance in Europe’. This consumer-focused event brings together representatives from consumer organisations across Europe, along with business and EU policymakers, to address issues and possible solutions related to cross-border retail financial services.

ERFF’s 3rd annual conference on ‘Consumers at the heart of finance in Europe’ is scheduled to take place in November 2020.


Who We Are

The European Retail Financial Forum (ERFF) is a pan-European, consumer-focused platform, launched in the European Parliament in October 2015.

ERFF brings together, through our meetings and events, consumers, business and policymakers to support the opening up of retail financial markets in Europe.

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What We Do

ERFF’s activities are focused principally around interactive technical workshops and events with EU policymakers including the European Parliament and Commission.

We prepare consensus papers on key issues. Our member meetings help us to stay focused, discuss new issues and plan.

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Why Join Us

ERFF is the only Brussels-based EU forum dedicated exclusively to EU retail financial services that welcomes all stakeholders around one table.

Our small size and informal approach allows us to address core issues, create meaningful dialogue that helps build consensus and lead to better EU policymaking.



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ERFF’s RFS Spotlight brings you news on EU retail financial services policy, events, and creating benefits for consumers and business.