Following their participation at our April member meeting, ERFF is delighted to welcome FECIF (the European Federation of Financial Advisers and Financial Intermediaries) as a new ERFF Supporter.

FECIF is a non profit organisation representing financial advisers and intermediaries across Europe.

As such and in line with ERFF’s objectives, FECIF is a ‘consumer-focused’ body whose members have a particular focus on the wider retail investment sector in the context of the current retail financial services policy agenda.

FECIF Secretary General Paul Stanfield said:

“FECIF is extremely pleased to be working with the ERFF. It is increasingly clear to us that our industry, and particularly the advisory sector, needs to regularly communicate, and work closely, with consumers to ensure that we deliver what they need, in the manner that they need it. At the same time it also helps us explain the potential value of good advice, which is of growing importance of course, as the public needs to become ever more engaged with its own financial planning. In addition, we find that excessive and inappropriate regulation can result in consumer detriment – it is therefore highly important for us to work with consumer groups and all other stakeholders to help regulators create a sensible framework that protects the public but doesn’t exclude them from obtaining advice”.

For more information, contact: Fiona Murray, Secretary General,

About ERFF:

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