What We Do

ERFF’s activities are focused principally on interactive Technical Workshops with EU policymakers, mainly the European Parliament and Commission. Typically hosted by MEPs and with all relevant stakeholders including EU institutions, consumers and business representatives, our workshops focus on topical issues such as FinTech, digital on-boarding of customers, innovative use of data, and other issues relevant for the EU consumer financial services policy agenda.

In 2018, together with the European Economic & Social Committee (EU institution representing civil society), ERFF co-hosted the first ‘Consumers at the Heart of Finance in Europe’  Annual Conference.

We produce Consensus Papers on points of agreement which we share with relevant policymakers.

Our Member Meetings are opportunities to discuss progress, raise new issues, plan and refine our approach.

We produce a regular NEWSLETTER, circulated widely to key EU policymakers and stakeholders, highlighting key developments, ERFF engagement and as a way of informing and keeping in touch.

For more information, see our NEWS page.