Why Join Us

ERFF is uniquely dedicated to addressing EU retail financial services policies by having all stakeholders around one table. In this way, we seek to create a group which fosters constructive and open dialogue, builds trust and relationships that may lead to better EU policies for all.

ERFF actively works to collaborate with interested consumer representatives and welcomes their active participation in our activities for free.

Our members are a small, diverse group of financial services providers and intermediaries. We have two broad categories of membership – members and associates. Members are mainly individual companies while associates are generally associations.

For more information on ERFF and how to join us either as member, associate or to be part of the ERFF ‘Community’, please CONTACT us.


  • Be part of a small, informal ‘Community’ dedicated specifically to EU consumer financial services
  • Contribute to the EU policy agenda in a spirit of collaboration with a range of stakeholders around the same table
  • Learn about relevant policy and market developments and how they impact consumers and business
  • Build relationships with EU policymakers, consumer groups and business representatives



ERFF Associates


The following stakeholders have been active participants in ERFF events. We welcome their input into identifying themes and discussion points ahead of these events, so they reflect issues of interest and concern for all stakeholders.