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Annual Conference

ERFF hosts an annual conference in Brussels on ‘Consumers at the heart of finance in Europe’. This consumer-focused event brings together representatives from consumer organisations across Europe, along with business and EU policymakers, to address issues and possible solutions related to cross-border retail financial services.

Who We Are

The European Retail Financial Forum (ERFF) is a consumer-focused, pan-European platform funded by our industry members and associates.

Launched in the European Parliament in October 2015, ERFF was set up in response to the European Commission’s stated ambition to expand the dialogue on opening up retail financial markets in Europe and to engage with ‘all stakeholders around one table’.

We particularly welcome collaboration with consumer groups, who participate in our activities for free.

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What We Do

ERFF’s activities are focused principally around interactive business/consumer dialogues, technical workshops with EU policymakers and our annual ‘Consumers at the heart of finance in Europe’ conference.

Ahead of our dialogues, workshops and annual conference, we work together with interested participants, including consumers, to identify issues and potential solutions. This helps to ensure that our events are based on the collaborative input of all relevant stakeholders. In addition, the members sometimes produce informal consensus papers on specific topics which are published on our website.

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Why Join Us

ERFF is uniquely dedicated to addressing EU retail financial services policies by having all stakeholders around one table. In this way, we seek to create a ‘Community’ which fosters constructive and open dialogue, builds trust and relationships that may lead to better EU policies for all.

ERFF actively works to collaborate with interested consumer representatives and welcomes their active participation in our activities for free.


ERFF Members


ERFF is not a trade association. Rather, we aim to create a collaborative and open community of all retail financial services stakeholders including business, consumers and policymakers around the same table.

Through our business/consumer dialogues, workshops with EU policymakers and our annual conference, we seek to foster constructive and open dialogue and build trust and relationships that may lead to better EU policies for all.

The following stakeholders have been active participants in ERFF events. We welcome their input into identifying themes and discussion points ahead of these events, so they reflect issues of interest and concern for all stakeholders.

For more information on ERFF and how to be part of the ERFF Community, please CONTACT us.


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