In January 2019, ERFF began its ‘Consumer Journey 2019‘. On 5 November 2019, this journey culminated  in a highly successful conference on Tuesday 5 November 2019, hosted at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels. Representatives from consumer organisations and industry, European supervisors and policy makers gathered together to discuss issues and solutions for consumers in retail financial services across Europe. Having all stakeholders round the table, led to constructive exchanges and valuable insights.

Panellists at ERFF 2nd annual conference 2019

Panellists at 2nd ERFF annual conference 2019

MEP Billy Kelleher gives lunchtime keynote speech at 2nd annual ERFF conference

Mr Jacek Krawczyk, President of Group I (Employers), EESC,
with Fiona Murray, Secretary General, ERFF (photo EESC)